Diet Babe: Tea Soup

I’m feeling huge today, so I made myself a giant bowl of Tea Soup and I’m already feeling better.

Tea Soup: usually eaten from a large ceramic bowl in the privacy of your own nook or home-office, use 10 (organic, caffeinated) tea bags, I prefer a green or black tea, eat throughout the day like soup, with a tea spoon.

And duh, it’s totally summer so Iced Tea Soup is also a delish and cleansing option! SOOOOOO easy to make it at home! YUM!

Chef’s Note: I like to spoon the Iced Tea Soup out of a wine glass because the harder it is to eat, the longer it will last you.

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  • Yawn

    This anorexia thing is starting to get pathetic.

    (In the sad way, not the intentionally rude way.)

    • Poppy

      No fat chicks allowed, go away.

      • Yawn

        I am not a “fat chick”.

        Babe Walker is not real.

        This is the Internet.

        And you are a freak.

        • David Ross

          It’s clearly a parody, get a sense of humour. 

        • Strangebob

          Are u … fat? Or you just hate tea soup?

    • Meg

      Being unfat, aka healthy, is never “pathetic”.

      PS. The word”yawn” is ugly. Don’t do that.

      • Yawn

        The idea of reasoning with you cunty doppelgängers makes me nauseous.

        • Bea

          good! that’s a step in the right direction!

  • Erika Thomas

    If you don’t like it…simply don’t read it! :) PS Her book is hysterically funny. Kudos Babe.

  • sad face

    Dear Babe,

    Is your counter made out of plastic? Were these photos taken with a blackberry? Who even are you?