Musique Babe: Die Antwoord

You know when people are so weird that they’re chic? That’s how I feel about Die Antwoord. They remind me of Eminem, if Eminem decided to split into two, and his ego remained a guy with a huge dick, but his hotness turned into a girl. Does that make sense? Whatever. I’m still a little drunk from last night. I’ve been in an internet K-hole watching their music videos and freaking myself out, so I figured I’d share them with you psychos. Clearly I need to learn how to speak Afrikaans.

I also need to hire someone to do donuts around me in their motorcycle at the next party I go to:

If I was 10, I would totally get Yo Landi’s haircut:

I’m also obsessed with anything Harmony Korine does, even though I’m kind of unclear on this video:

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  • Sarah

    i loveeee rich bitch!!!

  • Poppy

    Yes! Die Antwoord is the bees knees.

  • Ashley

    I love Die and Yo Landi! They are married?

  • Andrew

    I’m in SA right now. Nothing is chic about it, not even Die Antwoord. This is old news, especially since they were in the Alexander Wang T campaign video that came out months ago.

  • Jenise Spiteri

    I’m disappointed in you Babe. There’s certain things you can’t go around telling people. Die Antwoord is one of them. If someone isn’t chic enough to know about Die Antwoord on their own, they don’t deserve to know about them at all. We can’t have everyone running around rapping in Afrikaans.

  • Meg

    I’m super scared of retards. These vids freak me the fuck out.