Musique Babe: Die Antwoord

You know when people are so weird that they’re chic? That’s how I feel about Die Antwoord. They remind me of Eminem, if Eminem decided to split into two, and his ego remained a guy with a huge dick, but his hotness turned into a girl. Does that make sense? Whatever. I’m still a little drunk from last night. I’ve been in an internet K-hole watching their music videos and freaking myself out, so I figured I’d share them with you psychos. Clearly I need to learn how to speak Afrikaans.

I also need to hire someone to do donuts around me in their motorcycle at the next party I go to:

If I was 10, I would totally get Yo Landi’s haircut:

I’m also obsessed with anything Harmony Korine does, even though I’m kind of unclear on this video:

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