The Story Our Face Tells

I don’t really read the newspaper or watch the news on tv or check the news online because I don’t like hearing about wars, and sadness, and fatness. Yesterday, however, one of my besties, Roman, sent me a link to this article in the NY Times about gay face. Yes, apparently gay face is a real phenomenon and the two of us have been trying to tell everyone this for years.

I also firmly believe that there are other types of “faces.” In other words, you can tell a shitload about someone just by looking at them. I’m not just being a judgmental bitch, science doesn’t lie! Look for yourself, psychos:

Genius Face:

Chic Face:

Bitter Face:

Butter Face:

Best Sex Of Your Life Face:

Scariest Sex Of Your Life Face:

Lonely Face:



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7 responses to “The Story Our Face Tells”

  1. New York Minute Avatar

    Glad you can’t see our face! 

  2. Nabzz Avatar

    LOL, “Lonely face”! HAHAH!

  3. ash Avatar

    I know you’re going to yell at me for this, but who is the guy in the Genius face pic?

    1. Angie Avatar


    2. Nicole Avatar

       omg… it’s Alexander McQueen

  4. ash Avatar

    nicole- you have blessed me today. I had no idea. now I am informed and will not say something ridiculous like this in public.

  5. Mariah Webb Avatar

    Ryan Gosling. Mmmmm

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