Wake Up America: Justin Theroux Is Ugly

I’m sure he’s a total sweetie, and it’s probably completely justified that he left his girlfriend for you know who, but he’s not hot. Look:


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  • Jstarksingstheblues

    The first time in history that you’ve been wrong.

  • Maggie Harrington

    love. you’re so right, babe.

  • Jennifer

    I could not agree more. He is super scary looking and repulses me.

  • AestheticetiQuette

    Not hot enough for Jen, maybe a 7.

  • Jennifer

    What???? He’s lovely. Lovely eyes, nice dark complexion and dresses really well. People who don’t think he’s a good looking dude are blind.

  • fafi42

    I met him once. He’s too short but he’s pretty hot and so nice!

  • Acey

    He is really not cute. And tries too hard for the grungy look.