What Is Givenchy Resort 2013 Really Saying?

I don’t know if my psychiatrist decreased the dosage in my mood-stabilizers without my knowing, or I’m just smoking too much pot this week, but Ricardo Tisci is making me feel all sorts of ways with Givenchy Resort 2013. Let’s get into it.

Sometimes, copious amounts of denim makes me feel sooooooo sad and kind of confused. This one of those times. This whole look below makes me want to get back in bed and sleep through the rest of the day. Naked.

The next look reminds me of the time I made out with Kim and Kanye in the same night. Just kidding I would never make out with Kim. Just kidding I would never make out with Kanye. Just kidding I totally made out with both of them this one sick night a few months ago and this look reminds me of that.

I just took a Xanax, what is going on here? Chic lipstick though.


I feel a wave of relief generating from my third eye and starting to wash over my entire body. This number below makes sense to me. Prints should have purpose, they’re wild animals that sometimes must be tamed.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Please. Yes.

Genius. We’re gonna be ok, most importantly I’m gonna be ok. Now I know what I’ll be wearing to any funerals around Christmas next year. Chic to death, literally.

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