What’s In My Birkin

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten since I started this blog, asking me what exactly I carry in my Birkin. I’d love to say that it’s none of you psychos’ business how I live my life, but I did write a memoir, therefore choosing to be permanently in the spotlight, soul exposed to the world. So here are the contents of my Birkin as of this afternoon:

Marlboro Lights

A Russian, art deco pill case that my Tai Tai passed down to me

Hydrating facial mist. Moisturization is key to my survival.

A black iPhone

A white iPhone

Backup black and white iPhones just in case

A MacBook Air (iPads are so over. Google it.)

A joint

An old polaroid

A bottle of Tasmanian Rain, my new water obsession

Several YSL lipsticks

A super cute little dog I bought yesterday

A snack for the dog

A snack for me

Hair ties

Extremely chic condoms

Lanvin flats

That’s about it. Also, I must confess that I’m really unclear on me and my Birkin’s relationship right now. I think we’ll always have a special bond, but we might need to take a break for awhile. I need to see what else is out there. Maybe carry a Kelly? I don’t know…it’s been a rocky week.


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