You Were Kind Of A Babe: Pat Cleveland

 After watching that semi-boring movie about Halston, it got me in the mood to revisit one of my fave psychos from fashion eras past: Pat Cleveland.

Her name is maybe the least chic name of any model ever, but being chic wasn’t really her thing, and somehow that’s chic. Right? Dance-prancing and arm-waving down Dior runways with her glorious mane, which she famously donned her “magic carpet,” was more of her thing. It’s with a heavy heart that I reveal her current state of being, but time does have a tendency of turning  a good psycho into a mom psycho. Maybe mom shit just weirds me out because I didn’t grow up with a mom so they’re basically aliens to me. Old,  judgmental, aliens with more Hermès than me. 



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  1. Jordan Duncan Avatar
    Jordan Duncan

    her daughter is so pretty though!
    ugh i wish that models now were more like pat clealand! she was a beautiful artist, not these walking clothes hangers that are so boring with no personality!

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