You’re A Psycho: Courtney Love

I used to cry for you and now I want to be you (again). Thank you for enlightening all of us with the recent publication of your food diary. Thank you for hating chocolate. Thank you for telling us that Kurt hated chocolate too. Thank you for telling us your accurate weight. Thank you for calling your fat self your “rock weight” self. Thank you for being beautiful. Thank you for being a monster. Thank you for juicing kale on the regular. Thank you for being you.

Some highlights:

I mean…

Your vulnerability right now is so inspiring.

Gwyneth x Courtney = full body convulsions, a renewed Ativan prescription, and complete mental/physical breakdown during a hot yoga class.



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  1. Lauren Caitlin Avatar

    Holy eff. I thought I was the only psycho obsessed with Courtney love. I mean she’s a legend and she’s so well read and she may or may not have murdered her rock god husband. If that’s not chic, nothing is. Love Courtney love and now I love you a little more for loving her too. Thanks, babe!

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