Ask Babe: Dior Dior Dior


I’m a complete mess.  I don’t know what’s going on, but everything that’s important to me is falling apart. Many things are contributing to this not so chic phase in my life. Things like YSL going from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris. Also, I work in retail and a while ago I saw a lady with an Hermès Birkin.  Naturally I had to greet her, and when I said “Nice Birkin,”  she looked at me and said “It’s Hermès not a Birkin.” I have never hated someone more.  Hermès really must be handing them out like candy.  Furthermore, when I saw Raf Simons for Christian Dior I was sad.  The collection was “absolutely poetic” as Albert Elbaz said,  but it felt more like Jil Sander meets Givenchy rather than Raf Simons meets Christian Dior.  Babe can’t I just have John Galliano back?



Dear Fashion Gay,

I feel your pain on a lot of levels. Some things (like the YSL/SLP drama) we have no control over. It’s sad, but you move on and hope for the best.

As far as Raf Simons for Dior Couture, I agree. The presentation was underwhelming. Like…




But there were some chic, Dior-esque moments as well:

And then there were some really major Jil Sander-y looks too:

I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook on this homage to primary colors, because the truth is, we will never get Galliano back. The fashion Gods have buried him and spit on his grave. He might as well move to Florida. Actually he should totally move to Florida, buy the Versace mansion in South Beach, date a black guy, and and live out the rest of his years in sunshine/bliss. Because that’s really his only option at this point.

And as for that awful creature with the “Birkin,” it was definitely fake.

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