Ask Babe: Haters

Dear Babe,

I’m not trying to sound like a bitch but the advice you give people about eating/food and making comments like “you’re 10 pounds overweight in the model world” is absolutely ridiculous. Have you ever heard of eating disorders, does Demi Lovato ring a bell? If it hasn’t already karma is going to give you a big slap in the face. There are more important things than being a size 0. Like being happy.



Dear Beachbabe,


Thank you so much for this hilarious email. I was having the worst morning ever and then I read your note and it brightened my day. Are you a comedian? You should be. You have, like, the best sense of humor ever.

So glad you follow my blog.

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  • em

    she’s right though. you’re blog is hilarious but when it comes to weight you fucking suck. xo

    • blah

      Cool thing is: Babe Walker isn’t actually real and these “Ask Babe” answers are actually (most likely) coming from one of the authors of the book, they’re supposed to be offensive. 

  • Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines

    Demi Lovato is so not the new Karen Carpenter. Having had every eating disorder known to man, I can safely say Babe Walker is not/never was the problem. Eating disorders have very little to do with a desire to be thin. They’re generally more related to control issues. Also, I have been obsessed with Kiera Knightley’s Gucci gown since forever, and will probably remain obsessed for the rest of my life.

  • Anonymous

    125 is too heavy in the modelling world, only about 3% of women have this frame naturally, and the rest of the women in the modeling industry have eating disorders, SHOCKING, I know.

  • Itzelvives

    Babe is right, Im a model and when it comes to weight She is right.
    She gives the advises to girls that want to be models, duh.
    You fat normal and grown up people should think by yourself and stop asking for weight advices if You dont wanna read those things.
    So shut the fuck up people and buy a freaking salad

    • Renkayla

      Wow I see all that “not eating” really increases your intelligence. Being skinny surely is the key to your impeccable grammar and spelling!

    • Guest

      Well one thing is for sure … fat people can certainly change and lose weight.  But you, my dear, cannot grow a brain no matter what.  Good luck having an IQ of 20 for the rest of your life!

  • Mackie0062

    the internet makes sarcasm way more fun (for sarcastic people… way more confusing for stupid people) 

  • Mills


  • Jenise Spiteri

    Uhm have you read this post about the rainbow diet?
    That’s actually a lot of food. The dinner is eight pieces of sashimi and a salad. Stop crying that you’re not skinny and go eat an ice cube.

  • Luminous Vita

    Ummm like being skinny makes you happy. Duh!
    Thank goodness for Babe

  • maly


  • Dale van der Sloot

    I think some of these people have never heard of satire… look it up.

    • …Jashana Cheree…

       Seriously. People need to relax. Laugh a little. It will be okay. HaHa!

  • Alexandra

    Thin is and always will be chic. I could never be happy if I wasn’t a size zero. It is everything. 

  • Guest

    ohhhhh how naive you people are..brings tears to my eyes. 
    Love Babe

  • Nancy

    I don’t get it, i mean Demi Lovato is FAT.
    And how could you happy without being a size 0?!

  • tella

    why read this blog and act “shocked” when she tells you to eat a salad?! get a sense of humor, this is for the kids amusement! lololol

  • Choclate Dickrain

    This bitch is trippin.

  • Anna B

    The only happy fat person is Santa Claus