Ask Babe: I Love/Hate You Kristen

Dearest Babe,

Why is Kristen Stewart such a dirty slut? She cheated on Robert…with a married man with children. I knew her soul was dark, but not this dark. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Thank you for being you, Babe.



Dear Jodie Foster,

I’m so glad you brought up Kristen, although I can’t really be bothered worrying about her indiscretions.  We should talk about the fact that she was on Kimmel the other night and she mentioned me. Well she didn’t exactly mention me as much as she read a semi-mean spirited, yet incredibly funny, tweet that I wrote about her.

Skip to 1:27 and watch as I make my late night debut (kind of).

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  • heather

    you’re really just a mean person. that’s all there is too you. you’re mean, bitchy and uncalled for. kristen stewart is a dirty slut for cheating? who gives a fuck? nobody in the world should care besides liberty ross, sanders, and pattinson. she wasn’t the one who’s been married for 10 years and has two children. he’s the dirty slut. end of story. 

    • Stephanie


    • Alexandra

      Get the fuck out. Kristen Stewart is not chic, and deserves to be punished.

    • Kaylaa24

      Dear Heather you need to chill the fuck out! No-one cares. If you don’t like it, Don’t read it! I bet you’re a secret twihard fan right, thats why you are getting all defensive! Babe is awesome and doing her thing and it’s really annoying to see people like you writing abusive messages! You need to learn how to accept other peoples opinions. Thanks & have a great day!

      • Vanessa James

        LOL. You do realize that you just made yourself look like a moron by defending “her”? Babe isn’t a real person – it’s just this joke, like Sam said, making fun of these people. Technically she doesn’t have an opinion.

    • LaraJayne

      Jeez you need to calm down…if you think its uncalled for just don’t come on this website, no-one’s making you? And p.s. Babe isn’t even a real person.

    • Sam

      Dude, Babe isn’t even a real person… She’s a character played by a team of bloggers. Look it up. This site is complete satire making fun of people actually like this. xox

  • Charlotte

    I liked her more when she was a boy too.

  • Amy Kate

    Spot on. As usual in all things. 

  • Ultravioletcatastrophexd

    i love.