Ask Babe: Light In The Le1fers


What do you think about Le1f? He is an openly gay rapper. I saw him online and now I’m kind of obsessed!




Dear SwimFan,

I totally get your obsesh with Le1f. He is a really fantastic rapper who objectifies men in the same way that straight rappers objectify women, which I love.  In fact, I think he’s pushing the objectification envelope even further than most straight emcees by making his “video bitch” wear a Pikachu mask. That is so next. I wish I would have thought of that.

As I mentioned in my post about Frank Ocean, I’m all about celebs coming out of the closet. It’s fucking 2012, there is no time to pussy-foot around with sexuality. So I applaud Le1f, first and foremost for his rhymes, and secondly for his BJ skillz.

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