Ask Babe: Tom Hardy


What do you think of Tom Hardy?




Tom Hardy. Would you fuck him or what?




Dear Inquiring Minds,

I ask myself these questions pretty much every day. On one hand, Tom Hardy is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I feature a man who’s big enough to pick me up and throw me across a room. And have you seen Warrior? I mean, the end.

But on the other hand, he takes weird cell phone pics like this:

and this, from his old MySpace profile (so dark, you should definitely read):

And he says things like this:

So I think he’s gay/bi? In which case the answer is yes, I would definitely fuck him.

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  • Jonathan

    You get me.  You really get me.

  • Ricardo

    I’ve always dreamt of this man in my bed. He is the sexiest thing alive. 

  • Veronika Kay

    Is it bad that I think he’s sexy in the Batman movie? Who cares – I’d fuck him.

  • Fey913

    Mirror pic is Super Power Bottom, I can’t!