Ask Babe: Warm Leatherette

Dear Babe,

Where can I  find a bag that suits my simple and chic lifestyle that isn’t made out of leather…or any animal product? I’m trying to be a low-impact vegan and I thought you’d be the right person to ask. Help?




Alicia Silverstone,

I totally understand. Sometimes I feel really bad for wearing animals too, then sometimes I don’t. Try getting your little vegan hands on this chic moment from Saskier Diez. I’m obsessed with their ‘papier‘ line of bags and shit. Done and done!

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  • Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines

    There’s always Stella McCartney.

    Also, can we discuss that “low impact” and “plastic” don’t really go together? It’s much worse for the environment to make a plastic bag that will never decompose. Ironically, it will look like shit once the plastic coating starts to peel off the fabric it’s adhered to, which usually takes precisely two and a half hours after bringing it out of the store. I’m sure that’s some sort of law of thermodynamics. I’m sure there’s an equation somewhere that demonstrates the effect of entropy on pleather bags. Anyway, if you want to be genuinely “low impact” and not a fatuous hypocrite, with a peeling bag, buy vintage leather. The animals died for someone else and your bag won’t look like a neglected strip mall. Also, finding vintage bags with your monogram already on them is really exciting/spooky. I was consigning five, one year old Jean Paul Gaultier shirts, in order to feel less guilty about buying a new one (and by one I mean 4,) when my best friend I was with found a 1960s Louis Vuitton bag with all three of her initials on it. When she carries it she tells everyone that she was named after her grandmother (which she isn’t, thank fuck) and that she gave it to her whilst she was on her deathbed, along with a fleet of matching steamer trunks. (Which is also a lie, but it’s a pretty glamorous lie. New Louis is the definition of vulgarity. Vintage Louis is always spot on.) I think that was God’s way of telling me that I was doing the right thing consigning my old Gaultier shirts, so they could have a second chance at life, on the marginally less fortunate.