Babe On Film: Daisies

There are several reasons why I turned out to be kind of a bitch. One has to do with my dad, one has to do with my dad being a dick about what car to buy me when I turned 16, and the other is a Czech movie called Daisies made in 1966. Seriously, one of my ex-boyfriends once asked me why I thought it was ok to be so “cold-hearted,” I had a DVD of this movie messengered to his doorstep the next day with a note that read “Suck it, please.”

From a very early age, I would make Mabinty, my maid/bff, take me to art house cinemas around LA because I thought the guys who saw movies alone there were hot in a Kurt Cobain sorta way. I didn’t tell her my reasons for wanting to go, so she just thought I was a little psycho. Whatever.  Yet another example of how misunderstood I am, even by those who think they love me.

Anyways, one of the movies I saw as a little tweeny Babe was this shit about two girls who could not give less of a fuck about anything, especially the consequences for the way they live their perfectly disastrous lives. I’m talking food fights, black face, destruction of public property, abuse,  and stealing booze, lots of it. All the while, they look chic to death. Both of them are complete style icons, one a bit more dyke-y than the other, providing for the perfect pair of bitches. That’s basically the whole plot. Two chic monstresses ruining things for other people and howling like hyenas all the way home.

Just find a way to drink a bottle of wine or absinthe and watch this movie. Tonight. You’ll thank me later. Oh! For added viewing pleasure, I’d recommend supplying your cute little psycho heads with one of these. This movie is all about a flower crown moment.

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