Last week I let all of you psychos in on what was chic and what made me shriek. Many of you sent items for me to weigh in on. So here goes:


1.  The word chic

2. Anderson Cooper coming out

3. Suri Cruise living in NYC

4. Obamacare

5. Beastiality


1. The word chic

2. Tom Cruise staying in the closet

3. Arizona

4. The number 7

5. Tacos

Rock and Roll. Deal with it.

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  • Djordje Baklavac Veljkovic

     Arizona as in Arizona Muse?

  • Chenin

    The Rules of Attraction!

  • Jennifer

    You need to re-write your first sentence. Hiring a proofreader would be chic.

  • Leyn Marie

    Obamacare/communism is chic?  I knew you were ignorant but that’s just downright silly.  Great example of another media driven comment that you couldn’t even explain if you tried.  I still love your book but I’d stay away from politics if I were you.  

    • Nadam

      how dare you question the word of babe, communism is totally chic in theory right

    • Anonymous

      Oh god. You’re a republican. How…..gross.

    • Yawn

      Your opinion with regards to politics / chic things automatically mattered less when you typed “Leyn” into the name bar.

  • ASmoke

    People commenting on your blog can be so rude.

    Love your articles.<3

  • Shannmark

    Beastiality is a form of animal cruelty. I was really enjoying your posts until you listed that as chic. That’s so disgusting.