Fraternal Twins

Sometimes the universe isn’t satisfied with only one version of a celebrity, so it gives us twin versions. I don’t agree with the narrow minded who believe that every set of
twins has to be identical. Or even in the same family. Or in the same species. I’m talking about spiritual twins.

 Twin chic to death:

 Zoe Saldana/Diane Kruger

Twin boring:
 Kerry Washington/Scarlett Johansson

Twin daddy issues:
Danity Kane/The Pussycat Dolls

Twin drag queens:

Nicky Minaj/Lady Gaga


Literally, twin drag queens:

Kim Kardashian/Manila Luzon

 And one set of identical twins, just for fun:

Robots can be twins, right? So sci-fi chic.







2 responses to “Fraternal Twins”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Thank you for exposing Kim K as the fat man that she is.

  2. allison Avatar

    Twin drag queens was the best!

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