Madonna Louise Ciccone: Please. Get. Your. Shit. Together.


I think it’s time that I said what we all have been thinking: Madonna needs to stop. Like, right away. You were amazing Madge. You truly changed the game, but this is not a good look. The more you try the less it works. I love you, and that’s why I’m being honest.







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  1. David Ross Avatar

    It’s like, she showed such promise of ageing gracefully circa Ray of Light album, but ever since it’s been constant, fishnet clad, sinewy legs in videos where she acts a fraction of her age, surrounded by 17 year old dancers who don’t know who she is/wouldn’t even spit on her. Truly sad.

  2. knmick Avatar

    She needs to accept the fact that she’s not young anymore. She can still sing but she needs to act her age. This is just sad and gross. 

    1. Pique Avatar

      Lol Madonna never could sing. She’s a dancer. Not a singer. Like Britney!

  3. Guest Avatar

    Why should she have to “act her age” if she doesn’t want to or doesn’t feel like it? When has she ever done anything just because she’s supposed to? There’s still plenty of people buying what she’s selling and everyone still talks about her, good or not. Just like always. She will have the highest grossing tour of any solo artist this year. Maybe of any act, period. She’s never going to stop just because some people are uncomfortable with how she dresses or acts.

    1. Pique Avatar

      Er. no. Funky Grandma can jump around however she likes, but the thing is, she’s a mother. If my mother would be doing that I’d be mortified. Plus it’s not cool or interesting anymore, the market is way too over-saturated with same sounding artists, and Madonna isn’t doing anyone any favours by standing out. And highest grossing tour? I don’t think so. Too much competition. 

  4. La D Avatar
    La D

    Lol to the poster below. “She can still sing but she needs to act her age.”

    Why? To please you? If you dont like it, dont watch her. Hey ladies: once you hit 50, cover yourself up and behave! You’re no longer able to make your own decisions about your image or sexuality!

    While some sit here and scold her, Madonna is busy working and succeeding as always. In fishnets. The nerve.

    1. Leandro Corinto Avatar
      Leandro Corinto

      The problem is not not cover yourself and behave only because yo hit 50. No. The problem is trying to do it fine and do it scary. She could have 50 and look sexy and inspiring, but she is far, far, from it. She is becoming some freak pop creature.

  5. HellonheelsXo Avatar

    Let’s all pray for her.

  6. BA Avatar

    I think she says it best here.

  7. JR Avatar

    Well, it’s a good thing that Madonna is guiding her own career, and not listening to internet nobodies.

  8. Jacob Avatar

    she looks ridiculous, Madonna your are OLD and you have to behave like the hag that you are. lets pray for this lost soul… shes a total flop.

  9. whiteboy Avatar

    It’s so funny how catty woman can be when demeaning other woman because of their age or looks.  I especially love it when they let men do it too and get away with it.  

  10. Nelson Avatar

    ive loved her her entire career./ and downs
    why does there have to be a cutoff an age in which we have to change?
    her personality is sexy, flirty, sometimes dirty …thats her
    and as far as the picture….  who hasnt taken a bad pic?
    just because your famous doesnt mean every photo that gets out there is a great one.
    i cant wait for september 4th to see her in concert in boston!!!!
    love you  madonna!!!

    1. Jacob Avatar

      Madonna has been airbrushed for 15 years…..

  11. Christopher Veda Avatar

    Let’s see:  she is still making millions every year, people are still flocking to see her shows, she’s still making headlines, she still has a loyal following, and she doesn’t want to stop.   Maybe you should stop blogging, just because I said so.  

  12. fashhole1 Avatar

    not a good look? She looks beautiful!

  13. RN Avatar

    To the people getting mad at the blog: Do you not realize that this whole blog is a joke? Babe Walker is a fictional person.

    1. Guest Avatar

      AMEN. Everyone needs to just CALM DOWN. People take everything way too seriously these days. 

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