Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

So much to pray for, so little time.

Pray for the Higgs Boson. Pray for that girl with the flesh eating disease. Pray for Usher’s stepson. Pray for anyone who has an issue with Frank Ocean. Pray for poor people. Pray for sad people. Pray for fat people. Pray for my massage therapist’s brother who is 31 but still in a Boy Band. Pray for Mitt Romney’s running mate. Pray for hookers. Pray for my drug dealer, Ben (he seems really angry at me). Pray for people who don’t have air conditioning. Pray for Raf Simons because his Dior collection was major but I think he still needs everyone’s love. Pray for people who pray for real. Bye.






6 responses to “Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker”

  1. Carrie Leyendecker Avatar
    Carrie Leyendecker

    Pray for anyone will vote for Obama after these last 4 years.

    1. Drae_diggs Avatar

      Four years of being pulled out of recession the last administration started
      Four years of ending the Iraq war and killing Bin Laden
      Four years of creating millions of private sector jobs
      Four years of getting us a health plan that covers people with pre-existing conditions

      Do you people literally want him to walk on water?
      What exactly did you expect?

  2. Margaret Avatar

    I at least expected him to be honest. I can deal with his failed policies, not his dishonesty. He’s not just not walking on water he’s sinking. Loved this post by the way. “Pray for people who pray for real” hahaha fucking hysterical 

    1. Yawn Avatar

      Pray for people who expect politicians to be honest.

  3. Pat Lynch Avatar
    Pat Lynch

    Forget prayer.  Do something.  Prayer is for people who are too lazy to take action.

  4. Normallivingperson Avatar

    Pray for the people who actually like your crap.

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