Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Pray long and pray hard for this person. Namaste, Anna.

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  • Juliebernardi

    Oh wow.

  • Andrea Figueroa M.


  • Alie

    Bless this poor soul

  • Coleycupcakes

    Lol dude that’s awesome

  • Dominic Scherz

    i love how all of those Tweets have grammar or spelling errors.

  • Ricardo

    HAHAHAHA and she thinks that HER comment actually matters? Ah, no. Some people are unbelievably ridiculous!

  • Rachael

    This is hysterical

  • Babe

    You really are a cunt.

  • Jacob

    poor soul

  • Stephanie

    HAHAHA love.

  • stop it

    Yea she looked really broken up about your comment as she grabbed on her imaginary cock…

  • Silly

    what did she say? i’m out of the loop.

  • Thnbvcdfrtghk has broken its terms of use, Therefore stating that its material is all fictional this piece here happens to be quite real.

  • Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines

    Unless the Anna in question is either Anna Wintour, Anna Piaggi, or Anna Dello Russo I’m totally uninterested in her opinion. 

    After watching Kristen Stewart bellowing like a moose and glowering through all of Snow White and the Huntsman, I think I can authoritatively state that Kristen Stewart has no feelings or else she would be able to display a range of emotions in her acting. Unless the script asked her to look constipated and bellow like a moose, in which case she did an amazing job and should win an Oscar.

  • Cai

    Uh hello, being made fun of/criticized is an intrinsic part of being a celebrity. Was Babe’s comment nice? No, it wasn’t. Should it matter to Ms. Stewart? No, it shouldn’t. People are not always nice to us. Every single person on Earth is not always going to think we are the best, most amazing, most attractive/handsome/beautiful thing ever. Being reminded of that can be interpreted as a positive instead of a negative if you look at it as a healthy and necessary ego-control method. If every single person alive just absolutely adored and loved and fawned all over you, and never made any negative comments about you (even joking ones, which this one obviously was, hello Babe is  COMEDIAN, that’s what she does for a living!) then you would probably be an unbearable, repulsively self loving, self centered snob. Being able to firstly, take a joke without taking it personally, and secondly, take even real criticism and brush it off without taking it personally, is part of being a mature, stable, healthy adult. Why should Ms. Stewart care what Babe thinks or says about her? Why would anyone? It’s only meant for entertainment purposes, and even if it wasn’t meant for entertainment and was serious, who the hell cares?

    The only people’s opinions who really count should be #1 Your own opinion about yourself, and #2 Possibly the opinions of the people you love and are close to, unless they are total assholes, and nasty to you, in which case don’t care about their opinion either. And even if Ms. Stewart was genuinely offended and hurt, and even if Babe theoretically did mean it to hurt her, or didn’t care if it hurt her, why would some random person who doesn’t even know Kristen care so much about it? That’s really all you have to focus on or care about, Kristen Stewart’s overly sensitive tender feelings? She is a celebrity. Before she signed up to be in a movie, she had to have realized that she would get negative attention and criticism. Actors basically get paid for putting up with that, and the more attention of any kind they get, the better. If anything, Babe was helping Kristen advance her career by drawing attention to her.   

    • Abeexo

      So. Many. Words. Do you have a life?

      P.S. totally agree

  • Abeexo

    What a fucking loser.

  • Yfhdjhgyfujx

    Ahaha you guys are saying that fan has no life SHES CLEARLY A CHILD and your making fun of her. This website is full of a bunch of rude ill mannered people im sick of it

  • Kayla Bentley

    Not another obsessed twihard fan! Get over it! Anna I just wanted to point out that your’e a hypocrite. You’re saying that Babe is rude and she’s attacking someone that she doesn’t know… Well what are you doing? Making fun of Babes name! That’s really mature! You need a reality check, the world is not full of rainbows and butterflies! BABE I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!