Ask Babe: Ballet C’est Chic?

Cher Babe,

J’aime le ballet parce que les femmes est tres belle et maigre. Pensez-vous que le ballet est chic ou non?

J’adore tu, tu est incroyable.



Dear Marion Cotillard,

I’m not sure that your french here is perfect, but I really really really appreciate the effort you (google translate) put forth.

To answer your question: Ballet is both chic and not chic simultaneously. Love the fitness aspect, love the thin, love the perfect buns, love the skin tight digs, love the history, love the 14 year olds dieting, love the 12 year olds smoking, love the music.

Hate that I’m not amazing at it.

De rien

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  • Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines

    Yeah, as someone fluent in French,  (J’ai vécu à paris pendant deux ans.) I’m not feeling their use of the French language… However, ballet is super chic. Black Swan moment? Yes please.

    Then again, bad ballet and ballet fitness classes are pretty much an abortion.

    As with practically everything else: It’s only chic if you’re exceptional at it.

  • Ricardo

    You are so funny Babe! Loved how you called him/her Marion Cotillard. 
    That poor French reminded me a lot of someone I know, I feel like he was the one who asked this.

  • Shannah

    “J’adore tu”. That is all. 

    • Leigh

      hahaa, that’s right where i went as well. basic.

      even leighton meester’s tragic music moment got “je t’adore” right. (and by music moment i mean her complaining over an electro track, bien sûr.)

  • Lauren Lever

    Les femmes sont.. J’adore toi.. seriously, what is up with the object and subject verb agreement not even being correct? that is like French 1

  • Hannah

    Ballet is (maybe) the most timeless chicness.