Ask Babe: Daddy’s Girl(friend)

Dear Babe,

I am in love with my best friend’s dad. He was also one of my teachers. He is in his fifties and I just graduated from high school. I cannot stop thinking about him, so what do I do?




Dear Analeigh Tipton,

Did you see Crazy Stupid Love? If you haven’t seen it yet then I shouldn’t even be talking to you/go see it right this instant.

This whole situation that you’re in is never going to work out for you. In the end, you could probably get him to fuck you, because men are weak and they think with their penises. But in the end, everyone will find out what happened and it will definitely ruin his life. It will also ruin you’re friendship with his daughter/your BFF, and you will always be that “girl” in the eyes of many of the idiots around you.

So if you really love him, you won’t do that to him. Wait until you’re done with college, see if you still want to fuck him, and if you do… then go for it. For some reason it’s way more acceptable if you’re in your 20’s. I don’t make up the rules sister.


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