Ask Babe: Friends Or Fools?

Dear Babe,

I have a group of friends that go around to different music festivals every summer and they all love their little “spirit hoods”. I don’t get it and I think they are fucking stupid. Most music festivals are hot as hell, so why would it make sense to put on a huge furry hood with little ears on it? I wanna go ahead and say there is nothing chic about spirit hoods. Thoughts?




Girl With Annoying friends,

Might I suggest you rethink your entire approach to friend-making.

Maybe you’re just into having friends with annoying habits, which is fine, some people are into that. But, there are certain types of groups that you may find more suitable to your needs as a social misfit. The spirit hood is not working for you, but maybe something else will. Like, what if you were friends with…

A cute little group of goth kids?

A ballet company? They’re so thin.

 Being friends with a couple is fun because when they break up, they both really want you to be their friend. Have you considered befriending a power couple?

What about a three-way lesbian moment? Too much?

The weird thing about friends, is that sometimes you don’t really even like them. I really think you’ll find what you’re looking for. 







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  1. NeyNey Avatar

    did Babe go on vacation?

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