Ask Babe: Learning Disability

Dear Babe,

Why did you switch schools  so many times during college?




This is like asking me why I take three showers on summer days, or why I adopted four dogs at a time as a sort of audition process, or why I have a renewable ticket to Paris in my bag at all times, in case of emergency. Life is about change. Options are everything.

You’re not the first person to question my voracious appetite and fervor when finding the ideal academic atmosphere to suit my unique learning habits. My dad, for example, didn’t understand it either. Five schools in three years may seem like a lot to some people, not me. Universities are like boyfriends, if they make you feel stupid, they’re wrong for you.

I don’t know if you’re in school now, but if you’re starting your college journey this fall then I have one piece of advice: transfer until you find yourself.

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