Ask Babe: My Boyfriend Hates That I’m A Lesbian

Okay Babe,

I basically had a lesbian orgy the other day, thought I should probs inform my boyfriend and kind of hoped he’d be into it… He’s not that into it.

What do I do or say to make him okay with it. Don’t wanna lose him, he reads your blog.



Dear Lesbian’s Boyfriend,

If you’re reading this right now (which, according to your lesbian girlfriend, you are) then please understand this: your girlfriend did something really stupid when she cheated on you with a bunch of other girls. This, however, does not make her a bad person. It just makes her kind of dumb. But look, we’re all kind of dumb, we’re all kind of desperate for new sexual experiences, and we’re all kind of gay. Even you are kind of gay. I mean, you read my blog.

Take her out on a day date, talk it over, drink some juice, and at least let her show you that she’s still into your peen. Then, when it turns out that she’s a full-blown lez, you’ll know you gave it your best shot.







2 responses to “Ask Babe: My Boyfriend Hates That I’m A Lesbian”

  1. E. Jaques Hulate Avatar
    E. Jaques Hulate

    My girlfriend is available for lesbian orgies…….as am I.  

  2. Guy Walker Avatar
    Guy Walker

    OR He is owed a 6 way blowjob.

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