Ask Babe: My Morning Routine


I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning, not because I am depressed or an amputee but just because I am cozy and dreaming of Ryan Reynolds. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Maybe I need to pep up my morning routine.




Dear Lazy Bones,

It’s funny you should ask. After Harper’s confirmed Tom Ford’s 4-bath daily cleansing ritual, I felt like I was doing my readers a disservice by keeping my morning routine to myself. I try to stick to my routine as strictly as possible but sometimes I’m too hungover or at a strangers house, so I can’t get the day started the way it should. On all other days:

4:30AM I have the surround-sound in my room scheduled to play Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Gypsy,’ as the shades are electronically pulled up all around my slumbering body. My Enviro-Therapist says that the marriage of light and melody reduces high levels of anxiety. I think that’s bullshit, but I love that song. Once out of bed, I walk straight to the steam room, where I sit for ten minutes, to iron out any pillow marks on my face.

5:00AM After steaming, my body needs to cool. This quick change in temperature can make me pass out on an empty stomach, so before hopping in my ice bath, I take two sips of organic Yerba Mate, eat a handful of almond skin, and grab a citrus juice. In the freezing bath, I nurse my juice and do shit on my iPad.

6:15AM By looking at the natural protrusion levels of my collarbones, you wouldn’t guess that I have to work out to maintain, but I’m human too. So I spend an hour on a treadmill, walking incredibly slowly on the highest incline. If I’m really tired, I crawl.

7:30AM Quick shower. Check emails. Calls to my creative teams to check in. Then back in bed for late morning nap.

2:00PM When I wake up from my nap, I’m typically disoriented and in need of sustenance, so I reach across my bed and devour the six dried lentils that my maid leaves out for me. Then it’s out of bed, throw some clothes on, and I jump into my day.

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