Ask Babe: Removing The Maxi Fad

Dear Babe,

What do you mean “burn my maxi dresses?!” I heard they were in this fall! I love my maxi dresses! Plus I’m 5 months pregnant. What do you suggest I wear instead?





Repeating myself isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world to do, but there are certain things of such grave importance, that I just end up having to make myself especially clear. When I told you psychos yesterday to roast you maxi dresses in a backyard bonfire, I wasn’t joking. The maxi dress had one brief moment when worn a hundred years ago by a certain Nicole Richie. Then, despite the world’s efforts to bring it back to life, it died. Which we all need to accept.

As for your friends who lied about maxi dresses being in for fall, drop them immediately. As for your body, which will only get more bloated (pregnant) as the next few months pass, there are a few options…

Suprise surprise, but I happen to love the pencil legs/big belly situation that can happen with a pair of skinny’s and a HUGE, I mean HUUUGE, flowy  blouse. Be a flower.

Or try a tunic. This season Prabal Gurung (above) and other fashion babes are serving tunics over pants for days.

But my favorite for any hangover or pregnancy (same thing), is a a simple, oversized, grandpa sweater designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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