Babe On Film: Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

This is going to sound unholy, but there’s this sushi place in Japan, in a subway station, that serves the best sushi in the world. Because I travel to Japan bi-annually for my doctor fish pedicures, I’ve been to this restaurant a few times. It’s like…beyond. There’s no menu. The whole meal is only about 15 pieces of sushi. It’s also terrifying because Jiro, the man who created the restaurant, serves it to you one piece at a time and stands there watching you while you eat.  Those who know me, know my feelings on being watched while eating. It’s really dark. I liken this sushi experience to the time I paid a pre-meth Macaulay Culkin $20.00 to spank me. It was hot but scary. Anyways, someone made a documentary about Jiro and his restaurant and the it’s really good, so you should watch it. That’s all.



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  1. Jenise Spiteri Avatar

    Sukiyabashi Jiro looks so amazing. I hope I can get out and eat there while Chef Jiro is still alive

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