Hair Shit: Celebrity Children With Mohawks Edition

So I’m clearly just obsessed with people’s hair right now. But my shaman and astrologer both told me they’re not surprised. I posted about Miley’s bullshit last night and then I had a dream where I was dating 6 different children of celebrities and they all had mohawks. When I awoke it occurred to me that so many of our celebrities children feel the need to try out a hawk. But why? It’s not really chic, it’s not easy to maintain and I hate it/them.

Exhibit A: David Banda



Exhibit B: Jack Osbourne

Sorry about the MS, but no thanks on the MO.


Exhibit C: Willow Smith

This is such a waste of good side hair!


Exhibit D: Kingston Rossdale

Cute but could be cuter.

I could go on like this for days. Connor Cruise, Maddox Jolie Pitt, Travis Barker’s kid, Melanie B.’s daughter, David and Victoria’s son. Someone needs to stop this madness once and for all.

We get it. You’re famous so your kids don’t have to conform. Congrats!







One response to “Hair Shit: Celebrity Children With Mohawks Edition”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    They are all conforming to one another! “Hey I have a hawk therefore I’m some famous person’s kid”

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