How Should I Feel About This?

I understand that I’ve been wishy-washy on the above subject. But I’m kind of loving the full San-Fran lezzie moment that seems to be happening here. Commenters, you can suck my dick.

Miley, whose career I’m still not completely clear on, has joined the ranks of lady celebs who cut their hair because they feel fat. Like Keri Russel, Anne Hathaway, or Evan Rachel Wood. Love when this happens!








7 responses to “How Should I Feel About This?”

  1. Guest Avatar

    It would be, “whose career,” not “who’s career.” Bye. 

  2. Jennie Kushner Avatar

    She has a ring on it and I don’t. Enough said. Love from the South. x0x0

  3. K. Avatar

    I may actually be more concerned about the necklace. It looks like she stole it off a goth at the mall…

  4. Frankie Avatar

    Who cares? Let her wear/do what she likes she’s a person.

  5. blondie Avatar

    Yeah as opposed to being concerned about her hair i’m also concerned about the new goth jewelry and freakish attire…. what in the world does her soon-to-be hubby think? 

  6. Alicefetish Avatar

    If she wants to attempt to be ‘goth’ then why not let her do what she wants? The best thing about life is that each person gets to experience it individually with each experience being different than anyone else.

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