Musique Babe: Electric Youth

I was rewatching “Drive” last night, and for the first time I managed to get all the way through the movie without uncontrollably sobbing or falling asleep. First of all – amazing ending. Loved it. Second, there was this great song playing over the credits that worked its way into my brain until I had to look it up on iTunes. It’s called “A Real Hero” and it’s by Electric Youth – the band, not the Debbi Gibson album or gay porn mag.

Haunting, echoey vocals. A sick 80’s beat. You wouldn’t think that the sounds of an all-girl choir would mix so perfectly with gay club synth, but they do. I have no idea what any of their lyrics are, but I’ve been listening to their music on repeat for hours and I’m not even close to getting tired of it. It’s everything gross about the 80’s made beautiful.

The band is made up of an interracial Canadian couple named Bronwyn and Austin (not sure which is the girl and which is the guy). He does the beats and she does all the vocals. Not only are they a match made in musical heaven, but there are pictures all over the Internet of them wearing neon pastels and pulling them off. I love a band I can imagine a good threesome with.

They only have like five songs, but they just came out with a new one a few weeks ago. Get it here! I promise you’ll be singing them for days, crying and thinking about that puppy you lost at a mall when you were six.

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