My Boyfriend: Erdem Moralioglu

When asked at his A/W 2012 show if he tweets or does Facebook or any of that bullshit I have to do for a living, the London-based designer, Erdem, replied with a simple: “I don’t have time, I’m designing collections. I don’t need to know, like, who got a new dog, it just doesn’t matter.”

This is a man after my own bleeding heart.

When I was attending Central Saint Martins a few years ago (at some point in my hideous college tour of the world…maybe 2008?), I used to see this spectacled boy-man at my fave coffee shop for hitting on baristas. From the moment first I saw him, I was intrigued. He reminded me of one of my gay friends who I used to sleep with when we felt fat. His aura is green, blue, and floral. Floral aura. Love it. Anyways, I’ve worn Erdem maybe twice, perfect for an at-home dinner party or when you show up to a brunch 2 hours late, stay for fifteen minutes (one mimosa) and leave looking fabulous and being remembered that way. I always buy his entire collection though, just to support. His shit is at Barneys, go get chic.

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