You’re A Babe: The Chateau Marmont

Ew, I know, I know. This is so expected. But here’s why I like this place:

A) It’s quiet.

B) Good salads.

C) 24 hour pool area. Great for when I need a private skinny dip at 3am.

D) Self esteem booster. For example, I’m here right now having a Diet Coke and I’m staring at some C-List TV actress in an unflattering high waisted denim/tank top combo and it’s making me feel really powerful and centered and worth it. Namaste.

E) Great place to take a nap. Seriously I get SO TIRED when I come here, so I just sprawl out on a couch in the lobby and snooze until some whisper-thin hostess pokes me awake.

F) I don’t even know what I’m talking about. So stoned right now. Bye.

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