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Hi Babe,

People have always told me I give amazing advice and that I should try to do something with my talent. And I have to agree, I think I would be great at it. The question is, in what form? I suppose a blog is the best way to start, but then how to do you make something of it? What’s your recommendation for getting started in this field?

Thanks! loveyoubitch!



Dear Abbey,

My advice to you is that you shouldn’t listen to your friend’s advice. Here’s my thinking: If you have such a great talent for knowing what people should do with their lives, then why are you emailing me?

Sounds to me like your friends might just be being nice to you. Maybe you give terrible advice but they don’t want to hurt your feelings by being truthful. That is really sweet of them if that’s the case here, but I’m not going to bullshit you.  Think about all of those people on American Idol who get up there and start singing and they are literally tone deaf. Every single one of those fools actually believes that they have a chance of winning. Why would they be there otherwise? Is that what’s going on here for you? Are you the William Hung of advice blogs? Good luck with whatever path you end up choosing.









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    lashes for bats

    William Hung is a Divine Boss.

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