Ask Babe: Foreigner

Hello Babe,

Plaese let your Book be translationed into German as language. Would it was this in one day ? If the date is out when it comes out in german tell me when it is going to be coming out on german. Or never ?



Dear Claudia Schiffer,

Thanks for your email. Huge fan of Deutschland. Berlin is major and the art scene is totally next. As for a pubish date for “Weißes Mädchen Probleme”, still TBD. My pubisher tells me that the translations into Portuguese, Czech, and Serbian are almost on the shelves, but German is hopefully in the pipeline.

My suggestion is to learn English. Being at least tri-lingual is pretty much the world standard at this point.  Plus more languages = more chic.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Liebe Dich, Meine Es!

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