Ask Babe: It Gets Baber

Dear Babe,

I know being sarcastic and having a fuck you attitude comes to play in your holy blog, but on a serious/absolute note, it has saved my life/prevented me from suicide. No really. Your blog has saved my life. You see Babe, I live in a small college town in the South and everyday I’m surrounded by redneck culture, blatant racism, American Eagle jeans, sorority girls, a no-no attitude towards pot (unacceptable), Longchamp bags, and a proclivity towards words like “ya’ll” and “country music tour fairgrounds Friday night.” Every night I come home to check your blog which is my little peek into the real world of fashion, chicness, and most importantly, the posts leave me howling with laughter. My current surroundings (no joke) have left me close to suicide but your site has always left me hopeful that one day Babe, I will lead a life of chicness and wisdom in a real city like New York or LA just like you. Babe, you truly have saved a life.




You seem to have a grasp on what’s not chic (Longchamp bags filled with racism), and you also seem to have a basic idea of what is chic (Babe Walker saving lives), so I’m gonna assume you know that there is only one chic kind of suicide, and that’s a virgin suicide. So, unless you have four hot sisters and you’re fucking Trip Fontaine, I would keep yourself alive.







2 responses to “Ask Babe: It Gets Baber”

  1. Bianca Avatar

    “but I love my longchamp bag?” “…that’s because you don’t have a prada backpack.”

    1. Blair Avatar

      10 Things I hate about you,

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