Ask Babe: Mr. Brown


Is it chic to finger your boyfriend’s butthole? When is it the right time, if anytime?

Being a Gemini, the body part my sign has rule over are the hands. Does this mean I was destined to poke him in his dark star? OR will my power body part be cosmically tainted forever?



Danielle Jonas,

First off, thank you for being brave, cutting the bullshit, and asking the important questions. I personally tend to let my chic walls down in the bedroom, because let’s face it, really great sex can be sweaty and grunty and weird and not chic. I’m all about experimenting and fantasy fulfillment when it comes to coitus, because my boyfriends are way less annoying when I indulge their carnal urges. So if your BF is dying for a prostate massage, and you’re down to ruin your manicure, I guess you should go ahead and give him one. Who knows? You might both really enjoy it. But keep in mind that this sexual escapade could end in you fucking him with a strap on while he calls you “Michael.” So just mentally prepare your inner dominatrix/beard for that.

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