Babe On Film: Anna Dello Russo’s Fashion Shower

So like 5,000 people have emailed me asking “Have you seen this video/what do you think? Also, can I be you?” The answers are as follows:

1. Yes, I have seen this video.

2. I think it is fabulous.

3. Anna Dello Russo is so fucking thin it hurts, but in a good way.

4. I live, learn and abide by her lessons. Except the one about fat people.

5. Normally I avoid H&M at all costs, but I might have to send an intern to this sale to pick up the sunglasses and that luggage.

6. I can’t believe I’d use luggage that costs less than $1,000, but I guess I just didn’t know myself until now.

7. Ew, the word “luggage” hurts me, and in a bad way.

8. This move makes me want to go to a Bar Method class.

9. Where’s my “hit single” moment?

10. There can only be one Babe. And that’s me.



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5 responses to “Babe On Film: Anna Dello Russo’s Fashion Shower”

  1. Yawn Avatar

    I can’t put my finger on it, but all of a sudden you sound like a desperate cunt.

  2. Ugh Avatar

    Anna dello Russo is not chic. She’s a desperate, shallow old mare with a dubious grasp of English/life, evidenced quite clearly by this video. Babe, you’re letting me down. Another sub-par post.

  3. Lauren Ashleys Avatar
    Lauren Ashleys

    Her face freaks me out, but her video is fabulous is a psycho way.

  4. Sick City Windows Avatar

    agreed. who let charon out of the river of styx?

  5. Why? Avatar

    Just because you finally got a chance to hold hands with ADR in the front row doesn’t mean that this is ok. EVER. Disappointed that you’ve joined the Plastics.

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