Babe on Film: The Master

Sometimes, I can really get into a serious movie moment. “Tree of Life” was one of my favorite places to take a nap a little while ago. I totally thought it should have won Best Picture at the Oscars. So when I saw the trailer for “The Master,” I thought two things: 1. It’s ABOUT TIME someone made a biopic of Tom Cruise’s life, and 2. I will be seeing the shit out of this.

When I did, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a long movie, so come prepared with plenty of Xanax or your anti-anxiety medication of choice in order to ensure your attention is focused fully on the film and not on how many texts you’re missing. But if you keep that under control, you will be completely enraptured in the story of a former WWII soldier taken in by a writer/cult leader who is obsessed with/in love with/tortures him. Joaquin Phoenix activates his acting genes like never before and absolutely transforms into the former soldier. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams are amazing as the cult leader and his pregnant wife. The movie was intense, beautiful, and hypnotized me a couple of times. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation.

By the way, there’s no replacement for the 70mm print that PTA intended. Don’t even think about seeing this in digital.

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