Fashion Week: Babe Walker for Luisa Via Roma (Alexander Wang)

Just before NY Fashion Week a friend of mine who works at my favorite Italiano website, Luisa Via Roma, called me and told me that she was too busy being skinny and Italian to come to NYC to cover the shows.

So here I am in an NYC hotel room, crouched in my shower and blogging on the water-proof Mac Book Air that I special ordered for situations exactly like this one. I tend to work/bath during fashion weeks. Anyway, I went to cover the Alexander Wang show and it was pretty major. Here is my coverage:

I know I can always look to AW for clothes that will titillate my sci-fi obsession, and my tits. This year, for his S/S 2013 Collection, Little Boy Wang gave us white for days, black for days, silver for a few seconds, and a special surprise pop of ‘color’ for the finale which caused the man next to me to start crying, but I’ll get to that in a sec. The show itself was pretty much typical fashion week shenanigans, I went with a friend who works at Luisa Via Roma and went home with a friend who wasn’t actually a friend at all but more of a 20 year old son of French “shipping mogul.” But whatever, you probably don’t care about that.   

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