Musique Babe: Purity Ring

Currently living for this Canadian duo, Purity Ring. I heard them for the first time a few weeks ago in one of my favorite little vintage stores. I was twirling around the store in a floor-length Valentino gown (customary behavior when testing out vintage, I like to shake the old vibes out before buying). PR’s song, Fineshrine (the depressing video is below), was playing and really speaking to my aura at that moment. If you’re looking for a soothing yet witchy soundtrack with which to usher in the season’s darker emotional shades, this is your new shit. The dirty boy and girl who make up this band are like, completely normal looking and appear to give zero fucks about how they present, but I kind of don’t mind…? What’s happening to me?


Oh, also, unrelated but please help yourself to a moment with this.


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