Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

This week was so fucked that I’m just going to have to list all of the poor souls that need our prayers:

1. LeAnn Rimes (unclear)

2. That chick on Real Housewives of New York with the fake leg (über dark)

3. Clint Eastwood

4. Justin Bieber’s gun (Google it)

5. Snooki’s infant

6. Snooki’s vagina

7. Kevin Jonas’ wife situation.

Hallelujah praise the….(fill it this in based on your own shit.)








5 responses to “Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker”

  1. QuayZ Avatar

    I am very thankful I have no idea what half of this is about

  2. Natalia Avatar

    The show “Married to a Jonas” will fail miserably, the Jonas Brothers are so history. And I think Kevin was the least popular jo bro in the group.

  3. Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines Avatar

    Let’s pray that their children are less horsey than the mother.

  4. Jo Avatar

    Dani sounds like she’s on too much Valium and I’m all “Kevin who?” :0

  5. London Avatar

    Let’s be honest, Kevin Jonas married a horse to cover up his adorable gayness. And really?? Clint Eastwood?? Any celebrity expresses their political opinion and it’s right if you agree with it but horribly wrong if you don’t?? The man’s old and senile, leave him alone and go do some coke already.

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