Ask Babe: InstaBabe


What’s your opinion on Instagram? Chic or no? I feel like it was hot a while back when people were Instagramming Kate Moss behind the scenes at the Olympics, but last week I saw an Instagram pic of a McDonald’s meal (don’t even get me started). Should I be playing photogz 24/7 so others can see my glamorous life in tones of sepia, or should I pretend like it wasn’t the first app I downloaded on my new iPhone 5…?




Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I get where you are coming from re: The Gram.

I go back and forth between obsessed and over it. I probably spend at least an hour a day looking at my Instagram feed, usually while I’m walking laps around my pool to burn calories. And although I can’t stop looking at my feed, it kinda makes me feel sad when I do. It’s like a constant reminder of all of the amazing shit that is going on in other people lives that I’m missing out on.

For instance: Last weekend almost everyone I know was invited to a major, major, major wedding. I was snubbed on the invite because I may or may not have made out with the groom in the early/amorphous part of the his relationship with the bride. I get it. I do. But when everyone whom I follow on Instagram starting blowing up my feed with super fun pix from the night, I couldn’t help but feel like I was a loser for not being there.

But after screaming at myself in the mirror for about 25 minutes, I snapped out of it. I called a car service, got drunk while waiting for it to arrive, got in the car, crashed the wedding, and ended up having an amazing night.

So the moral of my story is, Instagram can be a shitty addictive little app, but at this point in all of our lives, we can’t really live without it.


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