Ask Babe: Sex Addiction


I seriously need your advice. I have asked some of my previous/current partners if they think I am a sex addict and they have all said yes. So I took a sex addict test and it said I was ranked at a 16 and average sex addicts are at a 6. When I don’t have sex I use my vibrator like 8 times a day, is that normal? I don’t know what to do, I don’t wanna get pregnant, or get an STD or be known as a slut and sex addicts anonymous seems pointless. If you think about it, you’re just in a room full of other horny people & if one of those boys are hott then your fucked literally & mentally. I am at a loss and need your help ASAP.



Dear Charlotte York,

Most addictions, including yours, are about a lack of self-control. An inability to just do a little bit of coke, or just drink a little bit of a vodka water. In your case, you have an inability to stop talking about how much of a sex addict you are. Don’t let the randos you’ve been sleeping with decide whether or not you’re a sex addict.

Also, I think I know the test you’re talking about. I scored a 24, not a big deal. If you’ve had anal your score jumps by like 15 points, so you’re probably more of a 1 than a 16.

You know what my advice is?

Stop spelling “hot” with two t’s. Then get a boyfriend who you can actually stand to talk to for more than zero minutes. You’d be amazed what that will do for you. And make sure he has a big dick. Obviously.

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