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I seriously need your advice. I have asked some of my previous/current partners if they think I am a sex addict and they have all said yes. So I took a sex addict test and it said I was ranked at a 16 and average sex addicts are at a 6. When I don’t have sex I use my vibrator like 8 times a day, is that normal? I don’t know what to do, I don’t wanna get pregnant, or get an STD or be known as a slut and sex addicts anonymous seems pointless. If you think about it, you’re just in a room full of other horny people & if one of those boys are hott then your fucked literally & mentally. I am at a loss and need your help ASAP.



Dear Charlotte York,

Most addictions, including yours, are about a lack of self-control. An inability to just do a little bit of coke, or just drink a little bit of a vodka water. In your case, you have an inability to stop talking about how much of a sex addict you are. Don’t let the randos you’ve been sleeping with decide whether or not you’re a sex addict.

Also, I think I know the test you’re talking about. I scored a 24, not a big deal. If you’ve had anal your score jumps by like 15 points, so you’re probably more of a 1 than a 16.

You know what my advice is?

Stop spelling “hot” with two t’s. Then get a boyfriend who you can actually stand to talk to for more than zero minutes. You’d be amazed what that will do for you. And make sure he has a big dick. Obviously.



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5 responses to “Ask Babe: Sex Addiction”

  1. Eastern Europe Guy Avatar
    Eastern Europe Guy

    OH BABE! you made my day! :-D

  2. Learn to type, idiot. Avatar
    Learn to type, idiot.

    this site has so. many. spelling typos. get an editor! thanks!

    1. Jordan Avatar

      Complain about real problems! Whatever. Bye!

  3. whatever Avatar

    this is perfect, yay for putting down attention whores!

  4. Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines Avatar

    I feel like if the person in question was a real sex addict there would be more typos in her letter, because it’s hard to masturbate and type at the same time.

    Either that, or she’s the biggest sex addict ever and can type wonderfully while she cums all over her computer chair.

    I guess it’s a tossup.

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