Ask Babe: YS-Hell Part 2

Babe I’m so confused.

I feel like Hedi Slimane has totally ruined everything/nothing/everything. I hated his first collection for Saint Laurent, but then Betty Catroux called him a savior. What does that mean about him? What does that mean about her? What does that mean about Yves? What does that mean about my future boyfriend Stefano?!

Now he’s making a scene with Cathy Horyn and I mean I get that she’s a total bitch but still.

Who does he think he is?



Tom Ford,

All the people who said Hedi’s inspiration for the collection was the 60’s/70’s are sorely mistaken. Obviously he was channeling 2006-2008: the years that everyone drank the Rachel Zoe kool aid, took horse steroids as diet pills, and worshiped Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton. Personally, I think it’s too soon for an homage to this era, but Hedi’s in charge now and Hedi gets what Hedi wants. The bright side is that there are some workable separates, and the hats are to die.

All that being said. I’m actually OBSESSED with Hedi’s whole agenda because he’s unveiled himself as both a master pop culture commentator and a capital C Cunt. For those of you who are unclear on the who/what/wear/why-ness of this whole mess, Google it. I really don’t have time to explain every single thing to you. All I’ll say, is that Cathy Horyn, a fashion journalist for the New York Times wasn’t invited to the SLP show in Paris and wrote a review of the collection basically saying it was blah. Then Hedi responded with this fairly concise bitch-slap:

I mean! Shudders. Chills. So, the lesson here is that we all need to take a page out of the Hedi Slimane handbook and work our asses off so that one day we can take over an iconic fashion house, move it to our city of choice, design whatever the fuck we want to design, inspired by whatever the fuck we feel inspired by, and publicly piss on anyone who decides to hate on it.

I like to think Yves is sipping champagne and loving the drama from his magnificent Moroccan palace in heaven. And as far as Stefano goes, he’s mine, so back the fuck off.



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  1. A Avatar

    Let’s be real, this collection was ‘blah’ at best. I believe we all had great faith in him, but his arrogance will be his fatal flaw.

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