Beat Babe: Boots

I’m sure everyone is starting to notice that it’s boot season again. Fall is no longer a whimsical hope, a prospect for a sweat-less future. Nope. Fall is actually upon us. Which is good because I happen to feature the trappings of fall in every way. I love a layered look, I love a steaming hot cup of almond broth to ease a chilly morning’s hangover, and I love an enormous fur hat to spice up an otherwise pedestrian look. The thing about fall though, is that most people tend to have shit taste when it comes to boot choice. And boots are so fucking popular now. Everywhere I look is another hideous pair of pvc-leather motorcycle boots. So many buckles, so many straps. And how has no one brought up the issue of UGG boots on a national level? I feel like that should be discussed tonight at le debate.

Let’s chill on the boots, y’all. Hopefully this poem will inspire you to invest in a pair of boots that moves us forward as a society instead of spreading the epidemic that is basic-ness.

Boots of Life

You wouldn’t wear literal trash

on your feet.

So take off those heinous boots.

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  • Karter Muehlig

    what kind of boots are chic?

    • Anonymous

      Personally, my go-to boots are Doc Martens. They’re available in a variety of heights and colors, are super-durable, and comfortable once broken in. Plus, they’re classic and edgy without being too formal or excessive. Easily the best purchase I’ve made.

  • PizzaGlGl

    UGGs are the bain of my existance

  • Syd

    Babe, whenever I go to your website I get to listen to the audio of a cascade commercial. Doing dishes? Not chic. Obvious website ads, super not chic.

  • A

    how have you not been fired yet

  • harley

    who the fuck are you? where is the real babe? writing WGPII? be gone imposter! you suck, major.

  • harley

    i could write this shit better than you, by the by…


  • harley

    y’all? Y’ALL? where the fuck are your editors?

  • Angie

    Okay seriously enough is enough, fuck you new Babe. Worst written articles ever.

  • KatieK

    What is wrong with all these people? Babe, you’re a genius and finally someone is saying my thoughts out loud and has the balls to say them to the world.

  • Mackenzie

    I love that there is always a comment from someone saying “wheres the real Babe” or “you don’t even sound like Babe anymore” …guys, this is not a real person. It’s a satirical blog. You should be reading it for laughs and enjoyment, not for serious life advice and grammatical skills. …its ok, I still love you internet people, never change.

    • Andrea

      @3ef33a3a91d0a79e7c90540ab9310d40:disqus most people don’t know that… however the Singular Voice that these 3 (2 Guys – Gay but married to women and 1 Women) people have created has always sounded the same. Now she (this person we’ve grown to love, real or not) sounds nothing like “herself”… EX: Honey Boo Boo, this post/picture, her recent collages, and the last post she said was all that is good/bad in life.. have you seen that video? In no way Chic..

  • Judge Me

    get your shit together Lara!