So, Brad Pitt smokes weed. Not a big revelation. How else could he stay that relaxed with so many children and dealing with Clooney on a weekly basis? I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, I’d be honored were I able to share a joint with Brad and Angelina in one of their Paris apartments.

I just never knew that it made him such an insufferable douche. Ugh. Not chic. Not even funny. Just embarrassing.

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  • guhjghg

    Babe. What the FUCK is wrong with you lately?

  • Marvin Gaye

    It’s okay, we all get writers block sometimes. Time to channel your inner Joan Rivers and take a siesta.

  • A


    It’s been real. But it’s time we get our shit together, yeah?


  • Linzi

    You’re right about that. Creepy

  • Christine Hesketh

    This is really very embarrassing, what is he even blabbing about. If you could have him not speak, he would be perfect.

  • julie

    WOW! Totally embarrassing!! Down-right retarded!

  • sk

    Dear Babe, turn on SNL (oct 20). Or Hulu it if you must have your beauty sleep/hot date. xo