I ran into this guy that I used to fuck just now at Equinox and it made me realize just how much our perception of things change over the years. He used to be super hot in a Johnny Depp circa 21 Jump Street meets Johnny Depp circa Kate Moss kinda way. Now he looks like this-

Also…It’s been a minute since I weighed in on all things that I deem chic and those which I deem shriek worthy.  So today I’m going to do a list of things that used make me ill but are now in the chic column. And conversely a list of stuff that I used to think was chic, but I now realize is just tacky. Let’s begin:

Chic (formerly shriek)

1. Reality Singing Competitions

2. eBooks

3. Vaccinations

4.Hot Young Mothers

5. Hot Young Dads

Shriek (formerly chic)

1. Huge Leather Sleeves

2. Huge iPads

3. Huge Bags

4. Huge Tits

5. Huge

The end.

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