Musique Babe: Gnesa

I am OBSESSED with the train wreck that is this video. It embodies everything that’s wrong with the world/everything that’s amazing in the world.

I’ve heard people comparing Gnesa to Rebecca Black, but what people don’t seem to comprehend is that this bitch isn’t some middle schooler whose parents paid for her to shoot a terrible video. Gnesa is for real. She’s an actual singer, trying to make it BIG in NEW YORK CITY. So dark. So, so dark for her.

No. No. No. No. No. No. NO. Yes?







15 responses to “Musique Babe: Gnesa”

  1. Alycia Avatar

    woah this can’t be for real! lol

  2. Rachel Avatar

    really babe? no.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Awkward that she’s fat…

  4. Claudia Avatar

    she’s kind of fat and her dresses/shoes/makeup/ESPECIALLY MAKEUP is heinous. No. no. no. no. NO.

  5. ??? Avatar

    Since when do you comment on such tacky things? Uggs? Honey Boo Boo? and now this? You’ve changed. Not. Chic.

  6. Cleo Avatar

    This is toooooooo goooooood!

  7. Brittani Johnson Avatar
    Brittani Johnson

    Well I just threw up my half an apple at the halfway point of this video and couldn’t finish watching the rest… So thanks for putting my daily calories back down to zero :)

  8. BC Avatar

    Sorry, couldn’t get past the booger in the first shot.

  9. Amanda Avatar

    No. No. And no. I couldn’t even get through the entire video. Forget the singing, that’s obviously bad. The
    Makeup. The hair. The clothes choices. It’s all terrible!!

  10. Sam Avatar

    She needs to do porn.

    1. Danielle Storm Avatar

      They say shes trying to make it big in new york singing wise. Please shed do better as a porn star. Your right. Her attire is absolutely insulting to woman. And her song makes woman look like trailer trash. Its insulting.
      Rebekka is better… way better. Id take its Friday any day to this annoying song.

  11. xSweetMiseryx Avatar

    OMG O_o at least Rebecca Black had the decency to get auto tuned!! I would listen to Friday everyday if it meant never gearing this again! My ears are bleeding!

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