Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Today I pray for my six Ukrainian facialists who taught me how to sleep standing up to keep my forehead vertically taut, I also pray for the entire staff of the Bowery Hotel, I pray for my biological mother and her wife, I pray for my leather guy, I pray for my leather guy’s daughter who is kind of fat in the neck, I pray for all the cab drivers who have kindly looked the other way while I smoked/hurled/fucked in the back of their cabs, I pray for the homeless women I saw when I rode the subway that time in 2009, I pray for all of them because they live in NY and they’ll all probably be washed away by something called Sandy tomorrow. Here’s to you, New York psychos.



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3 responses to “Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker”

  1. @jeansinatra Avatar

    *taut ?

  2. Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines Avatar

    Like everyone else, I’ve decided to stock up
    in case Hurricane Sandy actually does something. After stocking up on
    liquor, mixers, pharmaceuticals, and cigarettes I decided that I might
    actually need food in case we lose power. After realizing that I
    didn’t want to eat Pop Tarts or protein shakes or whatever Donner
    ue rations people eat during
    these things, for three days in case there was no power or something, I
    decided that I should just buy ingredients for things that don’t need
    cooking: Steak tartare, shrimp ceviche, gazpacho, foie gras, trout roe,
    pain de mie toasts (I can’t not have hors d’oeuvres.), Valrhona chocolate bars,
    graham crackers and organic marshmallows. Conclusion: Hurricanes are
    insanely expensive. I’m kind of over it already. And I forgot to get Pelegrino.

    1. Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines Avatar

      Babe, what’s up with the formatting?

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